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    June 19, 2022 at 11:19 am

    As a Foreigner you are allowed to invest in the Korean market without almost any restrictions. Only exceptions are a small number of companies and some industries (such as aviation and broadcasting) where there are limits that can apply up to 50%.

    As far as I know you might need a IRC (Investor Registration Cert.) don’t quote me on this one but I heard depends on the sort of investment you do in order to make transactions through your broker, have a cash account and safekeep, you “should” have one. There is a lot of grey area in the investment realm and foreigners. So I suggest you do a lot of research on your own.

    Some Youtube Channels are very helpful but all are in korean with no subs.

    Also if you are into high risk investments you might want to know that after an IPO, there will be a lock-up period is applied to prevent the largest shareholders and affiliated persons from making unfair capital gains once the shares are listed.

    Some more info about these I listed it bellow:

    For KRX/KOSPI listed stocks:

    For KRX/KOSDAQ listed stocks: