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    Bri Nasmyth

    June 6, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    I think it’s totally impossible to get a credit card as a student. Even with an F visa, they kept rejecting my application even though I met the requirements. They never gave a good reason, so I’m pretty sure it was some discrimination.

    But, in general, this is the requirements for foreigners to get a credit cards:

    1. Must work in Korea

    2. Must pay national insurance above 65,000 won per month (based on income)

    3. must have 120% of credit card limit deposited in a bank account you have had more than one year.

    4. Have more than 6 months left on you visa.

    6. Be employed at the same company for 6 months.

    7. Have one tax year of income in Korea.

    8. Have a credit score better less than 500 (if you are new to Korea, your score is 700)