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  • Why Planning Your Trip in Advance is Important

    Posted by Mikaela Faith on March 15, 2023 at 5:54 am

    Traveling to South Korea or somewhere that you haven’t visited yet needs thoughtful consideration from accommodation to itineraries to learning its culture prior, to leave no room for regrets. Planning in advance makes your trip more organized and most likely achieve your goal for your trip depending on what type of a traveler you are whether as an Adventure/Backpacker Tourist, Cultural Tourist, Eco-tourist, Leisure Tourist, and Religious Tourist. In South Korea, hiring a local tour guide might be necessary for those who are a cultural and religious type of tourists. Who doesn’t want to get to know more about the country you’re visiting, right? They will take you to places quickly and efficiently. Just weigh in the pros and cons if it works for you as a tourist. Here’s a helpful article If you’re under the adventurous/backpacker and leisure tourist type, then hiring one is not necessary unless you’re going to secluded areas then connecting to a local guide is a must for safety reasons and the guide knows those areas well. Another factor you need to consider when planning your trip is if you are traveling solo, with your partner, family, or friends. You might want to travel off the beaten path but your family just wants to stay in the city so it’s important to discuss it ahead of time.

    Though there are travelers who opt to be spontaneous. No plans about where to go. They find it exciting. Just make sure to save money for travel so whenever you’re feeling to go somewhere you have enough funds. 

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