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    Posted by 🇮🇩 Ivana on May 17, 2022 at 3:50 am

    Hi everyone, is there any app recommendation that gonna be useful to live in Korea beside Naver Map/Kakao Map? Please give me some suggestion as my Korean right now is not really good.

    Ivana Chrisnauli replied 8 months, 3 weeks ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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    Miss Clark

    May 17, 2022 at 4:58 am

    Here are the apps I live by:
    Google Lens – It’s good for translating things in real time just by hovering the camera over the text.

    LingoDeer – Hands down the best app I’ve seen for learning Korean

    KakaoBus – This helps you see the bus route for any bus as well as all busses that stop at a particular bus stop. This is helpful if you’re want to look up the bus route for the bus your on, and double check if you’re on the right bus. It also tells you went the first and last bus is.

    Naver Dictionary – This is really good for studying Korean and learning the exact nuance of a word. It has example sentences, audio pronunciation, and lets you build vocabulary lists.

    Papago – Great translator for Korean and other languages

    bbb – This app has volunteer translators that you can call if you need a translator.

    MiseMise – This app tells you if the air quality is good or not, and if you should wear a mask outdoors.

    Emergency Read App – This uses Google translate to translate all emergency texts you get from the government.

    hilokal – A good app to chat with others and practice your Korean.

    KakaoMap – Good for directions

    GoogleMap – Good for finding reviews in English, especially for restaurants and cafes.

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    Ivana Chrisnauli

    May 17, 2022 at 9:31 am

    WWowww thank you!! I found it very useful I’m going to download it 🥰

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