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  • How to effectively explore the open world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4?

    Posted by freebeat freebeat on August 27, 2023 at 9:13 am

    Blizzard and Wudijo continue to offer basic Diablo 4 game guides on video. After the gameplay and the progression, here is the open world, with the ways to unlock it.

    In terms of activities, the objective of Diablo 4 is to offer great freedom to the player. But as you must be aware, it also includes the freedom to get lost, or waste time. If you intend to be as efficient as possible in your exploration and in your progress in general, Blizzard offers a series of tutorial videos. You can still discover the one on the gameplay, if you missed it.

    As the video is rather long, and in English, here is a summary of the main points to know:

    Unblock content

    Diablo 4 is also not a sandbox. To unlock certain areas, you must progress through the main campaign. Completing it is also a prerequisite to unlocking higher Difficulty Levels. So walking around is fine, you can do dungeons and side events, but it’s better to do it while progressing through the main quests of each act.

    Many areas have a minimum level, venturing there too early can be deadly. Feel free to go elsewhere, and come back later. Once the recommended level is reached, the level of the enemies will be based on yours, which has the advantage of always offering quality loot and interesting fights. It also saves you from having to follow a specific path, so as not to “miss” an area that would have become too low level later.


    A bonus system rewards your activities with skill points and potion charges, accessible for all your characters, which will strengthen your rerolls. It’s a system of rewards divided by region, so there are 5 to do. Theoretically, if you’ve unlocked the rewards including Diablo IV items and d4 gold of one region with one character, you can go explore another with a second character, if you feel like it.

    Activities that give Renown points include side quests, Dungeons, Shrines of Lilith, Strongholds, and just exploring. You can favor what you prefer. Altars of Lilith also give permanent stat bonuses to all your characters.

    Bastions are among the most important objectives in the open world, there are 3 per region. They ask you to complete different objectives, then kill a boss, in order to unlock a new village or camp, which also gives access to more content, for example, new dungeons.

    You don’t have to do everything to get all the Renown rewards.


    You will often come across small random events on the map, they are over in a minute or two. You can even cooperate with other players already on it, without any penalty.

    Completing the bonus objective gives even more rewards, so check it out, and try to complete it.

    Travel Fast

    Unlock waypoints in each region to gain access to fast travel. You can also teleport from anywhere, to return to town directly.

    Doing the mount unlock quest as soon as it becomes available will make your life easier, since the fast travel points are few, and some locations stay far from their point of arrival.

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