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  • How do I calculate my final percentage?

    Posted by goodstudent66 on May 28, 2024 at 3:13 am

    To calculate your final percentage, you typically need to know two main pieces of information: the total points you have earned and the total points possible. Everything you are looking for is available at final grade calculator . Here is a step-by-step guide to calculate your final percentage:

    Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Sum Your Earned Points: Add up all the points you have earned from assignments, exams, quizzes, and any other graded components.

      <math xmlns=”” display=”block”><semantics><mrow><mtext>Total Earned Points</mtext><mo>=</mo><mtext>Points from Assignment 1</mtext><mo>+</mo><mtext>Points from Assignment 2</mtext><mo>+</mo><mo>…</mo></mrow></semantics></math>Total Earned Points=Points from Assignment 1+Points from Assignment 2+…

    2. Sum the Total Possible Points: Add up all the possible points from all graded components.

      <math xmlns=”” display=”block”><semantics><mrow><mtext>Total Possible Points</mtext><mo>=</mo><mtext>Total Points Possible for Assignment 1</mtext><mo>+</mo><mtext>Total Points Possible for Assignment 2</mtext><mo>+</mo><mo>…</mo></mrow></semantics></math>Total Possible Points=Total Points Possible for Assignment 1+Total Points Possible for Assignment 2+…

    3. Divide Earned Points by Total Possible Points: Divide the total points you have earned by the total points possible to find your score as a decimal.

      <math xmlns=”” display=”block”><semantics><mrow><mtext>Score as Decimal</mtext><mo>=</mo><mfrac><mtext>Total Earned Points</mtext><mtext>Total Possible Points</mtext></mfrac></mrow></semantics></math>Score as Decimal=Total Possible PointsTotal Earned Points​

    4. Convert to Percentage: Multiply the score as a decimal by 100 to convert it to a percentage.

      <math xmlns=”” display=”block”><semantics><mrow><mtext>Final Percentage</mtext><mo>=</mo><mtext>Score as Decimal</mtext><mo>×</mo><mn>100</mn></mrow></semantics></math>Final Percentage=Score as Decimal×100

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