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  • Diablo 4 Astaroth: How to beat this boss and his red dog?

    Posted by wakemeup wakemeup on October 27, 2023 at 11:59 am

    The boss at the end of Act 2 will set you on fire, and kill you if you approach it the wrong way. Discover a written Diablo 4 guide and video of the confrontation, with tips and tricks to achieve victory.

    It’s possible that Astaroth will be the first act boss you’ll encounter in Diablo 4, depending on the order in which you explore the regions, or if you desperately pursue Donan’s Favor quest to unlock the mount, not knowing you’re on the wrong track.


    Before you go to face the boss, or if you block on it, a few simple actions should greatly tip the scales in your favor:

    • Consuming a fire-resistant elixir will give you a solid survival gain. You will get them by completing certain quests or on the bodies of enemies on rare occasions. If not, go see the Alchemist in town, there’s a good chance you can make this elixir with the components you have on hand, if you’ve taken the time to pick up the plants you’ve come across.

    • Modify your skill points, which normally cost little or nothing, before reaching a high level. Remove your skills from area damage and replace them whenever possible with more effective skills against a single target. It will depend on your class and build. An example: Remove Fireball Enchantment as a Sorcerer, and put Fire Lightning or Lightning Chain. You can also incorporate defensive, and/or mobility abilities like Necromancer’s Blood Mist, or Barbarian’s Bond.

    • Asking friends for help, or grouping up with other players in the area is a perfectly viable option to make combat much easier.


    Astaroth isn’t a very complex boss, but it’s easy to die if you’re not careful. Roughly summing up: Never stay in front of him. When Astaroth turns in your direction, do your best to go around him and pass behind his back with OP cheap D4 items, since it is certain that he will launch a big attack in your direction. Ironically, staying close enough to the boss helps you get around it faster, and easier. Going behind your back with a single ability or dodging it will make your life much easier. As the attacks of the are very wide, and often, cone-shaped, it is easier to dodge them closely too.

    Triple Flame Blast: Astaroth’s main attack, the dog blows in one direction, which inflicts heavy damage over time, at long range. By following the tips above, you can easily get out of it. As the damage is long-lasting, the important thing is to get out quickly.

    Mowing: In addition to the breath, Astaroth will sweep the entire area in front of him with his scythe. As with the fake, hurrying behind his back, when he turns, is the best tactic. Positioning yourself at a long distance is also an option.

    Flame sweeping: Rather than just blowing in one direction, the dog will rotate while blowing. Once again, being close to the boss will help you dodge the attack easily.

    Meteor shower: Once Astaroth has reduced life, it will begin to drop meteors in the area, leaving puddles of flames on the ground. This will significantly complicate your travels. Try to turn in the area, always positioning yourself behind the boss’s back.

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